At TABACALERA DON ESTEBAN every visitor is welcome.

Santiago de los Caballeros, world capital of the production of hand rolled Premium cigars, is situated in the very heart the Dominican Republic.

Once you are here, manager Oskar Nausch and his crew are pleased to show
our production facilities to tobacco professionals and interested aficionados.
Everybody gets a cup of typical Dominican coffee, strong and very sweet and,
- of course, - a cigar.

Please contact us at least two days before you pass by.
Tel.: (809) 570 7111
Cel.: (809) 570 7112

Tabacos Don Esteban SRL

P.O. Box 129
Santiago de los Caballeros
Republica Dominicana
Tel.: (809) 570 7111
Fax.: (809) 570 7112