we manufacture and export cigars.

Our speciality is to produce high quality premium longfiller cigars, mainly for the European market.
The concept to reach the required top level of quality is total control over every step of the production.

That starts at buying only the perfectly processed tobacco leaves from only the best tobacco growing areas in the Cibao Valley.

It goes on sorting those leaves and carefully preparing the different blends, until the well trained hands of our torcedores roll them into perfectly shaped cigars. Each and every cigar is individually tested for a perfect draw.

After rigid controls our cigars age at least 3 months in our humidors before they are controlled, selected, bandaged, controlled again, packed and sent overseas.

Our concept to reach the highest levels of control and quality is personal contact and communication between all participants at every step of the production.

General Manager Oskar Nausch, aficionado for 40 years says:

"It's not enough to have the best tobacco leaves, to make perfect cigars you need employees that love to work with tobacco."

Production Manager Fernando Burgos, born an raised in the tobacco fields around Santiago, who has spent all his life manufacturing cigars says:

"Al tabaco hay que tratarle como amante, no como esposa."
("Tobacco you have to treat like a lover, not like a spouse.")

produces 8 own brands and more then 300 different Private Label brands for costumers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Every cigar that leaves the factory is a piece of art, every blend has it's own, unique and recognizable taste.

does not want to compete with the big fish in the tobacco industry. The aim is to grow slowly and this way guarantee the continuous top standard that makes the difference between a good cigar and a perfect cigar.

As Oskar Nausch always says : "Quality before Quantity".

Tabacos Don Esteban SRL

P.O. Box 129
Santiago de los Caballeros
Republica Dominicana
Tel.: (809) 570 7111
Fax.: (809) 570 7112